January 2013 will see the release of e-Redact version 3 with a number of improvements to the interface such as the processing of search terms, templates and other auto redactions such as bracketed text. The biggest development however, is with the process of redacting files with a direct time saving benefit to the end user.

For those of you who like the technical stuff we have changed the point at which the conversion/redaction processing of a selected file takes place. So instead of conversion processing occurring before a document is presented to the user for review, e-Redact will now only process pages that are opened by the user in the review copy. Any remaining pages (un-opened) will be processed at the time of output which effectively defers the processing operations from the beginning to end of the redaction cycle and e-Redact file processing speed will be substantially improved for those users who manually review most or all of the pages within redacted documents.

Look out for more e-Redact news as we approach the release date!