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The E U’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will become law in 2018.

Why GDPR will make e-Redact a more critical investment than ever before. Increasingly organisation are utilising paper-free technologies to meet the information and resource demands of their customers. The seamless and sometimes invisible nature of the modern digital economy means that these demands are met more quickly but a discrete vault of information liability [...]

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Trafford Council bowled over by 84% time savings from e-Redact!

Click here for a printable case study The Challenge Trafford Metropolitan Council were reviewing how information could be redacted. The manual techniques that they were using were holding them up in terms of publishing their Planning Application documents on the Authority website. Currently Trafford’s redaction process relied upon taking copies of [...]

e-Redact provides Legal Practices with the perfect SRA toolkit

e-Redact has proved to be extremely popular within the legal market. We have had several legal practices' contact us looking for a solution for their Compliance Officer for Legal Practice (COLP) in order to make information access requests easier to process. "The demands placed on legal practices under SRA law has meant that the numbers [...]

e-Redact will deliver between 30% and 84% time saving

e-Redact is  quite possibly the UK's most sophisticated document redaction solution. An average client will save 50% time efficiency from using e-Redact to prepare their Freedom of Information disclosure files. How is this time saving achieved you may ask?  Essentially we have been developing redaction software for almost a decade and e-Redact includes some of [...]

e-Redact v3.11 Now Available

e-Redact v3.11 is now available and includes some exciting solution efficiency enhancements.   e-Redact 3.11 will now load any document in the background turning the e-Redact process on it's head.  "The significance of this is that the user can start redacting information as soon as the document import has begun rather than having to wait [...]